Douglas Fir

Looking for softwood lumber to meet your company's specifications? Xanex Wood SA. is ready to satisfy your needs with our extensive inventory and mill direct shipments. We provide the following types of material and services to customers around the World:

  • Any dimension available
  • Spruce/Pine/Fir
  • Douglas Fir
  • MSR Products (Machine Stress Rated)
  • Grades #1 down to Economy
  • Green or dried
  • Cut-to-Size to meet your requirements
  • Grooved boards for strapping
  • Heat Treated (HT stamped) lumber for export
  • Excellent substitute for Southern Yellow Pine
  • Appearance grade timbers and beams

Only in this way we managed to establish lasting relationships and standing with clients in China, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, North Africa (Algeria, Morocco and Libya) and South Africa.

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